Scores more bodies found after Muslim-Christian clashes

Sixty-one more bodies were found on Monday in two different locations after Muslim-Christian clashes in central Nigeria last week. Earlier on Monday police arrested over 300 suspects thought to have been involved in the violence.


AFP - Sixty-one more bodies, some of them decapitated, were found Monday after Muslim-Christian clashes in central Nigeria, the head of a Muslim volunteer burial team said.

"We visited Gero village, 23 kilometres (14 miles) south of Jos, where we picked up 51 bodies. On our way back, we drove through Talchon village where we found 10 bodies," Mohammed Shittu told an AFP reporter in the northern city of Kaduna.

"Therefore we now have 61 bodies picked up today. Some of them have been decapitated, dismembered and the body parts hoisted on stakes," Shittu said.

The new figure brings the estimated death toll -- compiled from various sources, including medical and aid workers, religious and community leaders and Human Rights Watch -- to 553 in four days of fighting last week.

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