Ban the Burqa?

A French Parliamentary Burqa commission has handed in its report today. It aims at making a law that would prevent Muslim women from wearing any kind of integral veil, including the Burqa. Both the law and the making of the law are discussed, even within the Muslim community.


A debate hosted by Mark Owen with guests :
Radu STOENESCU, Philosopher and staff member of Riposte Laïque
Laurent CHAMBON, Phd in political sciences and elected Labour party member for the Oud Zuid district in Amsterdam (by satellite from Amsterdam)
Leyla BELKAID, Fashion designer  and Author of “Veils” (Vestipolis) (by satellite from Geneva)
Tariq RAMADAN, Professor of Islamic Studies at Saint-Anthony’s College (by phone from Oxford)
Programme prepared by Bilal Tarabey, Charlotte Oberti and Perrine Desplats
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