Police arrest main suspect in Kigali grenade attacks

Rwanda announced Saturday that it had arrested Deo Mushayidi, the main suspect in a series of grenade attacks in Kigali that injured 16 people and killed two others on Thursday. The suspect, a former member of a rebel group, was found in Burundi.


AFP - Rwanda said Saturday it had arrested a suspected mastermind of recent grenade attacks in the capital which injured 16 people this week and killed two others last month.

Attorney General Martin Ngoga said Deo Mushayidi, a former member of the then rebel group Rwandan Patriotic Front that ended the 1994 genocide, was arrested in neighbouring Burundi.

"Deo Mushayidi, one of the main perpetrators of these acts, was arrested in Burundi and is currently in the hands if the police," Ngoga told the state-run Radio Rwanda.

Sixteen people were injured Thursday in two near-simultaneous grenade blasts in Kigali, less than a month after two others were killed in the capital city by multiple grenade explosions.

Ngoga said police had "sufficient evidence" against Mushayidi.

The government has also accused two former senior army officers now exiled in South Africa of being behind the attacks.

Mushayidi fled to Belgium in 2000 and joined several diaspora opposition groups and last year formed his own party. He has been travelling around the region in recent months.

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