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Vatican forgives The Beatles

China’s warming relations with the US makes the front page of today’s Le Figaro as well as an attempt by the Vatican to stir up some positive PR in ‘forgiving’ The Beatles for anti-Church statements dating back four decades! Also in the papers, the Front National leader Jean-Marie le Pen has announced his retirement. TUESDAY, 13th APRIL, 2010


Articles in today’s French press review:
Le Figaro: Warming relations between the US and China
Le Figaro: Vatican ‘absolves’ The Beatles
Libération: “Leadership change in the National Front”
La Croix: “The National Front will find it hard to repeat their success in 2002”
Le Parisien / Aujourd’hui en France: Nicolas Sarkozy sidelines advisors
La Croix: Swimmer, Jean Boiteux ‘the best, forever’

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