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Lyon’s defeat is “a nightmare”

“Disillusionment”, “a nightmare”, the “end of the dream”… This morning’s French papers lament Lyon’s 0-3 defeat at the hands Bayern Munich in the semi-final of the Champion’s League. We also look at coverage of the feared contagion effect of Greece’s economic woes as well as the front pages of the satirical papers ‘Le Canard Enchaîné’ and ‘Charlie Hebdo’ which come out every Wednesday. WEDNESDAY, 28th APRIL, 2010



Articles in today’s French press review:
Lyon’s defeat: L’Equipe, Le Progrès de Lyon, Le Parisien
Greek economy: Le Figaro, Libération
China more excited about Carla Bruni than Nicolas Sarkozy: Le Parisien
France’s declining prestige: Le Parisien
Satirical papers: Le Canard Enchaîné, Charlie Hebdo


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