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British elections: too much bias in Murdoch media?

The day after Cameron is installed as Britain’s Prime Minister in a Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition, the papers - regardless of their positioning during the campaign - commend Brown’s humility as he left office. We look at front pages and editorials and also whether Rupert Murdoch’s powerful media empire is displaying too much bias. WEDNESDAY, 12th MAY 2010


Articles in today’s international press review:
‘Baby we made it”: Daily Mail
“Dave new world”: The Sun
“Goodbye, Good luck”: Daily Mirror
“Cameron, PM”: Daily Telegraph
Daily Telegraph’s editorial: “Out of confusion comes David Cameron and clarity”
Matt’s cartoon for the Daily Telegraph
“Cameron moves in”: The Guardian
The Guardian’s editorial: “Sweetening the pill”
“David Cameron, leader of Brokered Britain”: The Independent
“Labour’s leadership needs the stamp of a genuinely new era”: The Independent
“Have the cracks begun to show in Sky’s duty of impartiality?” The Independent

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