What’s the deal with Iran? (part 2)

Tonight's debate will be split into two parts.Part One looks at Clotilde Reiss, her detention and the mechanics of her release. Part Two will focus on the nuclear programme in Iran and what the Reiss Affair means in this context.Clothilde Reiss, a young woman detained by Iran facing charges of spying. She'd attended the street protests that rocked the Iranian capital last year.



Mlle Reiss had been in Tehran as a student, and denied all the allegations. Diplomatic intervention and not concessions or deals brought about the release - this is the word of the French Government. A third party says his influence was key - President of Sénégal Abdoulaye Wade, congratulated by French President Nicolas Sarkozy on his important role. Other world leaders though also had their voices heard in Tehran, like Brazil's Lula da Silva, Syria's Bachir al-Assad.
So Clotilde Reiss, a 24-year-old student whose plight touched the world, and world leaders...
A debate with Mark Owen and guests:
Ardavan AMIR-ASLANI, International Lawyer and Middle-East Specialist
Christopher DICKEY, Paris Bureau Chief and Middle East Regional Editor for Newsweek
Rouzbeh PARSI, Research Fellow at the EUISS
Meir JAVEDANFAR, Middle East Analyst at Meepas (via satellite from Tel Aviv, Israel)
Watch the first part

Programme prepared by Bilal Tarabey and Perrine Desplats


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