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Poor turnout in demonstrations against retirement reform marks “turning point”

The French papers largely conclude this morning that yesterday’s demonstrations against retirement reform weren’t large enough to block government plans. This and other stories in today’s French press review: FRIDAY, 28th MAY 2010


Articles in today’s French press review:
Le Figaro: ‘The turning point of May 27th’ (editorial)
L’Humanité: “The weight of a million”
Les Echos: “Retirement:  Sarkozy passes the first test of the street”
Libération: “Sacrifice” (editorial)
Libération: Labour Minister points to other left-leaning governments in Europe that have reformed the retirement age
Le Parisien: ‘Poor security in Paris’s museums’
Le Parisien: ‘iPad arrives in France’
Midi Libre: ‘iPad arrives in Montpellier’ (!)

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