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“Israel, pirate state” (Libération)

The French press broadly condemns Israel’s assault on a flotilla of six boats aiming to deliver humanitarian aid to the blockaded Gaza Strip. At least nine people were killed with Israel claiming legitimate self-defence. The tactics of the Israeli navy have largely been called into question. TUESDAY, 1st JUNE 2010



Articles in today’s French press review:
Libération: “Israel, pirate state”
Libération: “Rules” (editorial)
La République des Pyrenées: “Certainly Israel had warned that the flotilla was illegal but is it the flotilla that was illegal or the Israeli blockade on Gaza… With this assault, the wave of hatred will worsen as well as aggression towards the Jewish state as well as, unfortunately, towards Jews themselves.” (editorial, extracts)
L’Humanité: “State terrorism on the high seas”
Le Figaro: Analysis of military strategy involved
Libération: “The Jewish State in the name of lawlessness”
Le Parisien: French MEP visiting Gaza strip says while the humanitarian situation there is ‘degrading’, people ‘are not dying of hunger’
La Croix: What were the objectives of the protestors?


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