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“It’s tough being Israel’s best friend”

The international press is still largely leading with the Monday’s botched raid on a flotilla aiming to deliver aid to the blockaded Gaza Strip. We focus on the complications for the US of close relations with Israel, the communications battle online between Israel and media on board the flotilla as well as calls for the end of the blockade. We also look at the final moments of the latest information on the plane crash in which Polish President Lech Kaczynski perished. WEDNESDAY, 2nd JUNE 2010


Articles in today’s international press review:
New York Times: After Raid, Videos Carry On the Fight
Los Angeles Times: With Israel, Obama finds a difficult friend
Jerusalem Post: “Ship takeover hampered by lack of intelligence”
Haaretz: “It's time for real disengagement”
Haaretz: Ireland to Israel: Let new aid ship break Gaza blockade
Irish Times: “Activists on board ‘Rachel Corrie’ undeterred by Israeli action”
Today’s Zaman : « Rogue State » (prenez le titre “rogue state” en haut du lien svp et pas le nom du chroniqueur ci-dessus)
Wall Street Journal: Polish President Was Warned
Libération : “Kurvaaaa”

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