Africa's Linguistic Divide: French vs. English (part 2)

Another of our Wednesday rendezvous with Africa... We will be looking at how former British colonies have fared in comparison to their francophone counterparts. Part of our tribute to 50 years of independence for many nations across the continent this year, our series in partnership with sister station Radio France International.


Most of those countries are former French colonies, although Nigerians will be also celebrating their golden anniversary of independence on October 1st; which brings us to the age-old joke: they say there are two major powers in West Africa... Nigeria and France. True?
A debate with François Picard and guests:
Billie O’KADAMERI, Africa Editor for Radio France International (RFI)
Douglas YATES, Professor of Political Sciences at the American University of Paris and author of The French Oil Industry and the Corps des Mines in Africa
Sanou MBAYE, Economist and former Official at the African development bank, author of L’Afrique au secours de l’Afrique (Africa to the rescue of Africa)
Programme prepared by Claire Brown and Perrine Desplats
Watch the first part

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