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French increasingly passing driving test overseas

The ongoing fallout of the botched raid on the Freedom Flotilla is still making the front pages in France with Libération leading on calls for an international inquiry into the incident. We also look at how Sarkozy might raise his flagging fortunes in advance of the 2012 Presidential election. Elsewhere, Le Parisien investigates the increasing trend of French citizens passing their driving test overseas. FRIDAY, 4th JUNE 2010


Articles in today’s French press review:
Liberation: “Inquiry into the raid”
Le Figaro: “Israel – an eyes-wide-open disaster”
Le Figaro: “The free world targeted in a war of words”
Le Figaro: “Sarkozy’s scenarios”
Le Parisien: Poll shows Dominique Strauss Kahn in poll position for Socialist Party primaries
Le Parisien: “The French are increasingly passing their driving test overseas”

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