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Simulated Mars spacewalk was like a “dark, depressing Moscow nightclub”

In this morning’s papers, we take a look at the many perks of inmates at the International Criminal Court, how the Obama Administration might finally push Israel to lift its blockade on Gaza and some of the jibes directed at the simulated “mission” to Mars. These and other stories in the international press review: FRIDAY, 4th JUNE 2010


Articles in today’s international press review:
International Herald Tribune: “Accused of war crimes and living on perks”
International Herald Tribune: “US taking Gaza deaths as cue for policy shift”
Washington Post: “Israel's Netanyahu maintains defiance amid criticism over Gaza blockade”
The Guardian: “Smeg it, this is serious. Astronauts defend mission to red planet after Red Dwarf jibe”
The Independent: “The grievances and grudges that drove Derrick Bird over the edge”
Le Parisien: “I dream of an African winner," says Claude le Roi, Frenchman who has trained several African national sides
Le Challenger: This Malian paper criticises the choice of selectors and trainers such as Claude le Roi – foreigners who train African sides when there is a huge degree of African talent for such positions.

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