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US Embassy better than French institutions at identifying young leaders of tomorrow

Le Monde’s website reveals an embarrassing fact for the French: by far the most detailed database on young movers and shakers in the Paris suburbs has been compiled…by the US Embassy. We take a look at the details. Also in the pages of Libération, celebrity philosopher Bernard Henri-Lévy defends Israel with the paper’s editor Laurent Joffrin replying to the criticisms of “BHL”. These and other articles in today’s French press review: MONDAY, 7th JUNE 2010


Articles in today’s French press review:
Libération: “Why I’m defending Israel” (Bernard Henri-Lévy)
Le Monde: “Washington out to conquer the Paris suburbs”
Le Parisien: Poll results on who is thought most likely to win the World Cup and what nations are most interested in the tournament
Libération: Love life restrictions for players in World Cup

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