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“High-tech addiction takes toll on brain”

The International Herald Tribune reports on the negative mental effects of new technologies. Constant interruption and multitasking reduces our ability to focus and can increase stress and distraction. We also look at a report compiled by ProPublica and the Washington Post revealing widespread mismanagement and disregard for safety rules in BP. These and other stories in today’s international press review: TUESDAY, 8th JUNE 2010



Articles in today’s international press review:
International Herald Tribune: “Hooked on gadgets and paying a mental price”
New York Times: “Can BP ever get it right?” (Editorial)
Washington Post: “Reports at BP over a decade find history of problems”
The Sun: Wayne Rooney swears at referee leading to concern about his temper at World Cup
The Daily Telegraph: “Cat flees from surgery to avoid the snip”


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