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“A day of glory for Africa”

African newspapers are feting a day of glory for the continent. In today’s international press review we have a look at how the world’s papers is reacting to Africa’s first time hosting the World Cup. FRIDAY, 11th JUNE 2010


Front pages of world’s press
The Independent
Wall Street Journal
Récord (Mexico)
Kicker (Germany)
China Daily
La Marca (Spain)
Articles in world’s press
Mail and Guardian (South Africa): “It’s war”
Mail and Guardian (South Africa): “It’s going to be an incredible day”
Le Pays (Burkina Faso): « A day of glory for Africa »
The Guardian: “The real test for south Africa comes after the final whistle”
Times of India: “Cup teams to wear plastic for a cause »
The Irish Times:  “Oh no here comes the world cup’ pleine page

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