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“Warning, risk of overdose!”

Yes, the World Cup has begun and every single French paper leads with the momentous occasion. Editorials, commentaries, cartoons… it’s near-saturation coverage. The editorial of the Catholic paper, La Croix, warns of an overdose but nonetheless says one should pay attention to the event that is the first World Cup in Africa. FRIDAY, 11th JUNE 2010


Front pages of today’s French papers, all on the World Cup
Le Figaro
France Soir
La Croix
La Tribune
Le Parisien
La Dépêche du Midi
L’Indépendant Catalan
Editorials :
“Africa’s moment”: Le Figaro
“Warning, risk of overdose” La Croix
“Beginnings and goals”: Var Matin
Fifa stands to benefit most from the World Cup with €3 billion in earnings : Libération
The other French football teams: Le Monde looks at amateur French teams whose lives are a million miles away from the decadence enjoyed by les Bleus.

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