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The baby boomers: a spoilt generation

Libération lets loose on what it calls a “spolit generation” – the baby boomers. Their working lives were marked by economic growth, the sexual revolution, easy access to property and education and now they can put their feet up and enjoy a cushy retirement while the young workers of today will foot the bill for France’s retirement reform plans. This and other articles in today’s French press review: TUESDAY, 15th JUNE 2010


Articles in today’s French press review:
Retirement reform and the baby boomers : Libération (front page), Libération (main article), Libération (‘The ideal year of birth is 1948’)
Editorial of l’Humanité on “Retirement reform manipulation”
Paris and Berlin mount a common front: Le Figaro, (also in the paper, “French-German compromise”)
A far-right group has organised a “saucisson and wine party” in a largely-Muslim neighbourhood in Paris’s 18th district. Critics say it’s a provocation: Le Parisien
Could North Korea beat Brazil?! Libération

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