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“Now appearing in South Africa: les Misérables”

The international press is full of French puns and wordplay this morning at the expense of les Bleus. This past weekend saw things going from bad to worse for the beleaguered French side as Nicolas Anelka was kicked out of the squad having reportedly insulted coach Raymond Domenech during the half-time interval of their match against Mexico. The papers speak of “the incredible sulk”, a “French Revolution” and a “Waterloo moment”. MONDAY, 21st JUNE 2010



Articles in today’s international papers:
Sydney Morning Herald: “The Incredible Sulk: French go to town on 'pathetic, disgraceful, laughing stock of the world' team”
Wall Street Journal (US): “Now Appearing in South Africa: Les Misérables”
The Sun (UK): “The French Revolution II”
National Post (Canada): “France’s misery has the Irish smiling”
Globe and Mail (Canada): “Singing “les Bleus””
The Irish Times: “France 'laughing stock of world'”
Herald Scotland: “French are a waste of a place as Ireland watch on”
New York Times: “France Fiasco Is Cautionary Tale for England”
The Guardian: “Terry exposes very England turmoil”
The Independent  “Once again Napoleon meets his Waterloo”



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