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“Thanks and goodbye!”

There is a distinct note of sarcasm on the front pages of the French papers this morning with headlines such as “Thanks and goodbye!” and “Bravo, again!” We take a look at editorial reaction to France’s humiliating World Cup defeat. WEDNESDAY, 23rd JUNE 2010


Articles in today’s French papers:

Advertisement on backpage of today's Libération newspaper
Advertisement on the back page of today's Libération newspaper. Indeed, it's "Game Over" for les Bleus.

Le Parisien: “Thanks and goodbye!”

Liberation: “Bravo, again!”
L’Equipe: “It’s the end of a world”
Le Progres de Lyon: “Goodbye and thanks for nothing”
La Tribune: “A very French crisis”
Satirical papers, Le Canard Enchaîné and Charlie Hebdo
Le Parisien: “Domenech, the final insult”

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