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General McChrystal’s rock ’n’ roll interview

General McChrystal’s interview to Rolling Stone has caused quite the stir in the Obama Administration. We take a look at the article and some reaction in the US press. We also take a look at the fate of cities which host the Olympic Games in the Wall Street Journal. Finally, a look at the reaction in the European press to France’s dramatic and humiliating World Cup exit. WEDNESDAY, 23rd JUNE 2010


Articles in today’s international press review:
Rolling Stone: “The runaway general”
The Atlantic: “Obama Has to Fire McChrystal”
The Slate: “Stan Not the Man”
The Wall Street Journal: “The ruins of Modern Greece”
Reaction in press across Europe to France’s World Cup defeat: Corriere della Serra (Italy), Bild (Germany), El Mundo (Spain), The Irish Times, The Irish Independent.

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