In pictures: Campaign wraps up in capital Conakry

Guineans choose a new president on Sunday, with 24 candidates vying for the hot seat in the country’s first competitive election. As the campaign draws to an end, candidates converge on the capital city of Conakry in a final push for votes.


, special correspondent in Guinea

As the campaign for Guinea’s first-ever competitive presidential election draws to an end, no fewer than twenty-four candidates are throwing their forces into the “Battle for Conakry”. After a month criss-crossing the West African nation, all candidates have converged on the Guinean capital city, home to more than one-fifth of the country's population.

Cellou Dalein Diallo, the leading opposition candidate, made a triumphal entry on Thursday, with tens of thousands of his supporters lining the Fidel Castro motorway, one of the capital’s main thoroughfares. It remains to be seen whether the former prime minister’s apparent popularity will translate into actual votes.

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