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“L’Oreal, because he’s worth it”

In today’s French press review, we focus on the L’Oreal case. The so-called “political soap opera” continues, as labour minister Eric Woerth claims he is the target of a political scheme.



France’s richest woman, L’Oreal heiress Liliane Bettencourt is accused of tax fraud. The French Labour Minister Eric Woerth and his wife, who used to work for the company that dealt with Bettencourt’s fortune, are accused of knowing about her illegal activities.
The right-wing newspaper Le Figaro quotes Woerth: “I am a political target” he says. Many opponents want him to resign, in a bid to prevent his planned pensions reform.
Meanwhile, the left-wing daily Libération claims there’s always been a link between L’Oreal and politics.
In other news, the Christian newspaper La Croix talks about the inauguration of a new mosque in a Parisian suburb. This, a week before French MPs are due to discuss a bill that could ban the full Islamic veil.
And finally, Aujourd’hui en France reports about two men accused of stealing up to 20,000 euros by dressing up as policemen, using a fake search warrant and taking hold of dozens of escort girls’ belongings.


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