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Lavish lifestyles of ministers targeted by Sarkozy

Le Figaro and Libération lead with Sarkozy’s bid to cut back state privileges for senior civil servants and ministers. Certain papers are sceptical though, saying the measures are merely a smokescreen for broader cuts in public sector and social spending. This and other stories in today’s French press review: TUESDAY, 29th JUNE 2010


 Articles in today’s French press review:
Le Figaro: “Sarkozy targets the lifestyles of Ministers”
Libération: “Ministers asked to participate in ‘regime change’”
Libération: The Socialist Party’s Arnaud Montebourg writes a critical opinion piece on the scandal surrounding Labour Minister Eric Woerth whose wife was employed in managing one of France’s biggest fortunes (Liliane Bettencourt of L’Oreal) while her husband was Budget Minister. “The Woerth controversy is another example of the unbearable collusion between certain political elites and the moneyed classes,” says Montebourg
Libération: Editorial on the acquisition of Le Monde by a trio of French businessmen “Le Monde est à eux” (Le Monde/the world is theirs)
L’Equipe: “And it’s 1, 2, 3-0!” – Brazil’s victory over Chile in World Cup final 16.
France Soir: Head of the French Football Federation, Jean-Pierre Escalettes, steps down in the beginning of what the paper calls a “purge” following France’s disastrous World Cup campaign.

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