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Spy ring intrigues Russia and US

In today’s international press review, we follow the unfolding drama in the US over the arrest of 11 suspected Russian spies. The papers in Moscow are also reacting. Spanish and Portuguese papers however are more concerned with World Cup victory or woes, depending on what side of the border you’re on! WEDNESDAY, 30th JUNE 2010


Articles in today’s international press review:
Here are the articles in the US press dealing with the spy ring arrests:
New York Post:  ‘Red Head’
Washington Post : The suspects in a Russian spy ring lived all-American lives
New York Times: Illegals network famed in lore of Russian spying
The Russian press reacts to the scandal:
The Moscow Times
Here are the Spanish papers leading with Villa’s goal yesterday and their qualification for the World Cup quarter finals against Paraguay:
La Vanguardia
In Portugal, the papers are less jubilant:
Diario de Noticias
Jornal de Noticias

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