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Papers grade Sarkozy's television response to Woerth-Bettencourt controversy

Nicolas Sarkozy gave a rare television interview last night against the backdrop of the Woerth-Bettencourt controversy. The papers are divided on his performance but agree that the President most certainly “went on the offensive”. This and other stories in today’s French press review: TUESDAY, 13th JULY 2010



Articles in today’s French press review:
Editorials that reacted favourably to the French President’s television appearance last night: Le Figaro, France Soir
Other papers were far more circumspect: La Tribune, Libération, l’Humanité
Les Echos looks towards the Bastille Day parade tomorrow. Several African countries are participating which underlines France’s excessively “historical” attitude towards Africa while emerging powers see the same countries in a much more neutral, forward-looking light, the paper notes.


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