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French press divided over participation of African armies in Bastille Day parade

Today is Bastille Day and we take a look French, African and British papers looking at various aspects of the celebrations, in particular the controversy surrounding the participation of African armies. Is this a mere throwback to colonial times or a gesture of gratitude for African support in the Allied effort during World War II? We also look at a report in the International Herald Tribune on the difficulties of everyday life in Gaza. WEDNESDAY, 14th JULY 2010


Articles in French, African and British papers on today’s Bastille Day celebrations:
Le Figaro: In favour of participation of African armies in today’s parade
Libération : Against African armies’ participation
Le Monde : The Elysée’s annual garden party is no more!
France Soir : ‘79% of French people are proud to be French”
Liberté (Algeria) : Cartoon
Le Pays (Burkina Faso) : ‘The calculated boycott of Gbagbo’
Le Patriote (Ivory Coast): ‘Gbagbo sacrifices the interests of the Ivory Coast’
The Independent (UK): Sarkozy’s summer of scandal
 The Gaza blockade in once again under the spotlight in the world’s press:
Haaretz (Israel):”U.S. urges Libya to avoid confrontation with Israel over Gaza-bound aid ship”
International Herald Tribune/ New York Times: “Trapped by Gaza Blockade, Locked in Despair”

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