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Debate rages over the iPhone 4

Apple’s latest device has sparked a passionate debate over whether it is the “miracle phone” as its devotees claim or an overly expensive, albeit elegant, paper weight that drops calls and can never live up to the hype.


The debate took on added intensity this summer following the June launch of the iPhone 4.  Amid wild expectations set by the company’s founder and CEO, Steve Jobs, the device has encountered mixed reviews due to an unexpected technical glitch with the antenna.

Videos have flooded YouTube with complaints from irate users over the phone’s new antenna that drops calls when the phone is held in a certain way. Apple is set to address this issue this evening at a hastily arranged press conference, after the barage of negative publicity.

That said, even with its technical problems, the iPhone 4’s success is undeniable. The company sold 1.7 million units in the first weekend alone in the United States and Apple reports that sales have been strong ever since, making it the most popular product launch in the company’s history.

Apple lover… hater… it’s a passionate debate.  Here’s a sample of the debate going on online:

You Tube

Hundreds of irate iPhone users have uploaded their rage to YouTube to give Apple, and in many cases, Steve Jobs himself a piece of their mind. The two brothers featured in this clip (right) are relatively modest with their objections.  Many more of the videos are peppered with rather salty language that highlights their disappointment. 

There is no doubt the iPhone is getting trashed on YouTube but that's not the whole story.  Hundreds of users have posted their reviews of the device where one after another refers to the phone "as the best ever" or "far exceeded [their] expectations." Among the most popular YouTube videos about iPhone are the so-called "unboxing" clips where users record with great excitement the first unwrapping of the phone from its original packaging.


Passions are running equally high on the micro-blogs over the pros and cons of the iPhone 4. Here are a few of the feeds to check out if you want to follow the discussion on Twitter.



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