Court confirms poll results, clearing the way for run-off

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Guinea's Supreme Court on Tuesday overruled charges of fraud to confirm the results of a contested June 27 presidential election, paving the way for a run-off vote between the two leading candidates.


AFP - Former prime minister Cellou Dalein Diallo and opposition veteran Alpha Conde will dispute the second round of Guinea's presidential election, the supreme court announced Tuesday.

The court's ruling confirmed the provisional results of the June 27 first round of voting, which had been challenged by several of the eliminated candidates who had alleged fraud.

The court's president Mamadou Sylla, flanked by his fellow judges, announced the definitive results at a press conference held in the court.

The court's final version of the first-round results gave Diallo 43.69 percent of the vote to Conde's 18.25 percent.

It gave the third-placed candidate, former prime minister Sidya Toure, whose supporters had alleged there had been ballot-box stuffing in favour of Conde, 13.62 percent of the vote.

A senior court official told AFP on Monday the court had had to examine 15 legal challenges to the provisional results.

After half a century of civilian and military dictatorships, 77 percent of registered voters turned out to cast their ballots in the first round of the election.

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