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A new look for Google's image search

The Internet search giant announced on Wednesday that its image search service now delivers over a billion page views a day from an index of over 10 billion images. With that kind of volume, the company says it’s now time for a makeover.


Google announced on Wednesday that almost ten years after it launched its image search service, it is time for a makeover.  When the company debuted image search in 2001, a meagre 250 million images were indexed. Today, according to the company's official blog, there are more than 10 billion images now available on Google. 

Every day, the company serves over a billion page views of image searches alone.  With that kind of volume, the company says it is time to upgrade the service with both a redesign of the service's look and technical enhancements.  The new changes will reportedly differentiate among subtle differences within the search results to help find the precise image the user is looking for. 

"We not only find images for pretty much anything you type in; we can also instantly pull out images of clip art, line drawings, faces and even colours," said Google Images Product Manager Nate Smith.

The redesigned image search service is currently only available tà 10 percent of Google's users. The company said it plans to put out the new service in stages over the next few weeks.  For those who have not been included in the initial roll-out, a sneak peek is available on YouTube:

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