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47% of people under 25 have sent ‘sext messages’ to the wrong person

The Bettencourt scandal is still on the front pages this morning – Libération leads with the police questioning of Florence Woerth, the wife of Labour Minister Eric Woerth. She denies that her husband helped her get a job working for the Bettencourt estate, the heirs to the L’Oreal fortune. Aujourd’hui en France looks at Nicolas Sarkozy’s health, one year after he collapsed while jogging. We finish with an article on ‘sext messages’, often sent to the wrong person! THURSDAY, 22nd JULY 2010



Articles in today’s French press review:
Libération: “The good fortune of Mrs. Woerth”
Libération: “Denial” (editorial)
Le Figaro: The Prosecutor in the Bettencourt case denies political influence
Aujourd’hui en France: The paper looks at efforts by neighbourhood associations to fight gangland violence.
Aujourd’hui en France: “How is the President’s health?”
Libération: “When ‘sext messages’ get sent to the wrong person”


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