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Rape sentence for Arab posing as a Jew

The Israeli papers are covering the 18-month prison sentence handed down to an Arab man from East Jerusalem who allegedly posed as a Jew and then slept with a woman who later pressed charges. He has been convicted of “rape by deception”. Other stories we looked at in today’s international papers: an oil-eating bacteria for oil spills, a whale who jumped on top of a boat in South Africa and the Nigerian couple in the UK who had a white baby. THURSDAY, 22nd JULY 2010



Articles in today’s international press review:
The Wall Street Journal; As Oil Spills, China Sends in the Bugs
Jerusalem Post: Rape charge for Arab posing as a Jew
Ha’aretz: Jurists say Arab's rape conviction sets dangerous precedent
The Guardian: Would a whale deliberately destroy a yacht?
The Sun: “Docs to study black couple’s white baby”
The Daily Telegraph : Photo of David Cameron and Michael Bloomberg eating hotdogs


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