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French papers condemn “barbaric” killing of aid worker

Michel Germaneau is on the front page of all French papers this morning. Al Qaeda in the Maghreb killed the 78-year-old aid worker after taking him hostage in Niger last April. Libération is critical of the media for not paying more attention to his captivity while Aujourd’hui en France takes a close look at the organisation behind the assassination, Al Qaeda in the Maghreb. This and other stories in today’s French press review: TUESDAY, 27th JULY 2010



Articles in today’s French press review:
France Soir: “A barbaric act”
Aujourd’hui en France: “Third French citizen to die in captivity in 25 years”

Libération: “Who are the assassins of the French hostage?”

Le Figaro: “Nicolas Sarkozy wants to retaliate after Germaneau’s assassination”
Le Figaro and Le Parisien look at the rising popularity of tattoos.


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