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Rwanda: stability at any price?

Not much suspense is around the presidential election in Rwanda, as the case in 2003 when Paul Kagame won the election with 95% of the vote. While few people doubt that he will steamroll his three challengers this time, many question what price Rwanda will pay for stability Kagame-style.

  • Leslie HASKELL, Rwanda researcher, Human Rights Watch
  • George KAZOLIAS; Professor of Global Communication, AUP
  • Albert RUDATSIMBURWA, Director and Senior Editor, Contact Fm
  • Dr. Mathurin C. HOUNGNIKPO, Academic Chair of Civil-Military Relations, Africa Center for Strategic Studies
  • Catherine NORRIS TRENT, France 24

Programme prepared by Perrine Desplats, Narimene Laouadi and Yi Song.

Watch the 2nd part.

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