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French “Spiderman” arrested in Sydney after scaling tower

Famed stuntman Alain Robert climbed his way up another giant skyscraper on Monday. But unlike the fictional Spiderman who expertly evades the police, law enforcement was waiting for Robert at the top and took him in to custody.


It took only 25 minutes for French stuntman Alain Robert to scale the 150 metre Lumiere apartment building in Sydney’s central business district.  Dozens of onlookers watched from below as Robert, nicknamed “Spiderman,” made his way up the side of the tower without ropes or a harness.

Along the way up, Robert, 48, paused briefly to unfurl a banner promoting the environmental website that alleges that humans have just 76 months before greenhouse gas concentrations reach irreversibly high levels in the Earth’s atomosphere.

In contrast to his alter-ego, the fictional Spiderman, who manages to gingerly evade the police, Robert had to deal with Sydney law enforcement when he reached the top of his climb. He was taken into custody and briefly detained before being granted bail on Monday. He was charged with trespassing and public endangerment. Robert is scheduled to appear in court for a hearing on Friday.

His successful climb of the Lumiere building is just the latest accomplishment for Robert, who has also scaled the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Kuala Lumpur’s Petronas Towers and the New York Times building in Manhattan.
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