Blackberry given 60-day reprieve in security standoff with India

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Just one day before the end of the official deadline, India has decided to give smartphone manufacturer RIM more time to find a solution in a security standoff that could result in a key feature of the phone being shut down.


AFP - India gave the makers of BlackBerry a 60-day reprieve Monday as it reported headway in a bid to settle a security standoff that could have seen key features of the smartphone shut down this week.

The announcement came after G.K. Pillai, the top home ministry bureaucrat, met with government officials, security chiefs and representatives of Research in Motion (RIM), the Canadian manufacturers of BlackBerry, in New Delhi.

"The Home Ministry will review the security issue relating to Blackberry services within 60 days by which time the DoT (Department of Telecommunications) will submit its report," a government statement said.

India threatened earlier this month it would ban messages sent on the smartphones unless the company came up with a way for security agencies to decode the heavily encrypted traffic by August 31.

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