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Latest bank bailout in Ireland costs each citizen €10,000

INTERNATIONAL PAPERS, Friday, 1st October 2010: This morning we look at coverage in the Irish papers of the latest bailout of Anglo Irish Bank. Also, Google Streetview’s latest innovations; the death of Hollywood legend Tony Curtis and a mouse that was found in a loaf of bread!


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Articles in today’s international press review:
Irish Independent: “Four 'hairshirt' Budgets price of bank rescue deal”
Irish Times: “Nothing hypothetical about this severe stress scenario”
Irish Times: “Privacy issues played down as Google presents highways and byways of Ireland online”
Daily Mail: “Ancient Streetview: Now Google can take you to the historic pavements of Pompeii and Stonehenge”
The Guardian: “Tony Curtis dies aged 85”
The Times: “’You couldn’t get better looking than me’: farewell to a film idol’”
The Times: Editorial: “The Smell of Success”
Huffington Post: “Man finds mouse embedded in load of bread”

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