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Should the French language be “thrown in the dustbin of history”?

INTERNATIONAL PAPERS, Wed. 6/10/2010: …So asks a banner headline in this morning’s The Independent. With pretty weak arguments, Julie Burchill builds a case for dumping the French language in any official capacity. We also look at coverage of the verdict in the Jérôme Kerviel’s trial, a poll claiming mothers prefer their sons and footage of Bolivia’s Eva Morales kneeing an opponent in a football match!


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Articles in today’s international papers:
International Herald Tribune: “Trader not bank gets blamed”
The Daily Mail: “Hubris of traders who fell to earth”
The Independent:  “An up-itself language that deserves to be thrown in the dustbin of history”
The Daily Mail: “Sons really are their mothers favourites”

NY Daily News: “Bolivian President Evo Morales caught on video kicking rival soccer player in crotch” (+ the video on Gawker)

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