The World This Week

THE WORLD THIS WEEK - Friday, October the 8th - part 1

In this week's programme we discuss the Kerviel Verdict-is he a hero or a villain? Also, what is next for China in the 'currency war' and how is Europe to deal with its terror threat? And finally Desmond Tutu retires from public life. This week's guests are Alison Smale (Chief Editor, International Herald Tribune,)Anne-Elisabeth Moutet (Columnist, Sunday Telegraph,)Gerry Feehily (Editor at Craig Copetas (Senior writer, Bloomberg News)


Our Friday's guests:

  • Alison SMALE, Chief Editor, International Herald Tribune
  • Anne-Elisabeth MOUTET, Columnist, Sunday Telegraph
  • Gerry FEEHILY, Editor at
  • A. Craig COPETAS, Senior writer, Bloomberg News

Program hosted by Mark Owen


Watch here the second part

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