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Chilean miners signed a contract to equally divide revenues from their story

INTERNATIONAL AND FRENCH PAPERS, 13.10.2010:Papers around the world are covering various angles of the Chilean miners’ rescue. We look at the headlines and analysis. We also take a look at the French front pages on yesterday’s strike action to protest against retirement reform.


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International papers covering the Chilean miners’ rescue:
Sydney Morning Herald: “The Lord works in multiple ways for mine survivors”
Sydney Morning Herald: “’Things went on down there”: miners will seal secrets
La Croix : ‘Lessons from the depths’ (editorial, 25th August)
The Guardian: Chile miners rescue operation: media outlets jostle for space in Atacama desert
La Tercera (Chile): “Wives, daughters and sisters visit beauty parlours to prepare for reunion with miners”
The French front pages are all covering yesterday’s massive turn out in protests around the country to oppose retirement reform. Despite the biggest turnout in decades, the papers think that the reform will nonetheless be voted through, perhaps with some additional concessions being made.
Libération: “The movementagainst retirement reform has reached new heights”
La Croix: “The Government’s popularity is so low that there is nothing to lose in pushing the reform through.”
Le Figaro: “There’s no need for shouts of victory to show that we’ve won.”

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