The World This Week

THE WORLD THIS WEEK -Friday, October the 15th- Part 1

In The World This Week, a “good news” story about the rescue of Chilean miners steals the heart of an entire planet, Iran’s president gets a hero’s welcome in Lebanon, how a healthy dose of scepticism is in order when China’s leadership claims to be pondering more freedom of expression, and the consequences of a world that’s ageing fast.Joining François Picard are Tom Redburn of the International Herald Tribune, Ed Cody of the Washington Post, Nooshabeh Amiri of and Philip Turle


Our Friday guests':

  • Tom REDBURN, Managing Editor, International Herald Tribune
  • Philip TURLE, Journalist, RFI
  • Edward CODY, Paris correspondent, Washington Post
  • Nooshabeh AMIRI, Journalist and editor, ROOZONLINE.COM

Watch here the second part


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