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The toxic mudslide in Hungary, a visit to the mosque at Ground Zero and Tehran's "flirting street"

The Observers is a collaborative site and TV programme on France 24 that covers international current affairs by using eyewitness accounts from "Observers" - that's to say people who are at the heart of event. Videos, texts, photos - the content isn't produced by professional journalists - but everything's selected, verified, translated and explained by our team.


Presentation: Derek Thompson. Editorial team: Julien Pain, Lorena Galliot, Ségolène Malterre, Sarra Grira, Tatiana El Khoury.


Our first Observer today got a terrified phone call from his mother. A wall of red mud had hit her village.

Observer : Adam Maracz.


Now to an address in New York City… 45 Park Place. It used to be a discount coat store. But it's better known now as the site of a controversial mosque and community center, scheduled for construction two blocks from Ground Zero.

Observer : Gaja Pellegrini.


Finally today… cruising, Teheran-style… Young people in Iran don't have many places to meet the opposite sex, so - they do it in the road. Our last Observer lives in London but visits Iran regularly.

Observer : Alessio Rastani.


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