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“It’s getting out of control!”

FRENCH PAPERS, 19.10.2010: The French papers wonder if things are beginning to unravel as rioters grab headlines yesterday. Left-leaning Libération criticises the ruling UMP Party’s spokesman for speaking about how “calm” and “serene” he feels about the strike action when across the country we’re seeing images that shows anything but a calm and serene situation. Right-leaning Le Figaro criticises the strikers for its part, saying their action is illegitimate.



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Articles in today’s international press review:
Libération : Editorial ‘Indecent’
Le Parisien : ‘It’s beginning to unravel’
Le Figaro : Opinion piece critical of the strikers
Le Monde : Focus on the difficulties between the French media and troubled suburbs
Le Figaro : ‘Parrots populate Rome’


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