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Cows being milked at night to help humans sleep

INTERNATIONAL PAPERS, 19.10.2010: A German company is milking cows at night on the basis that the animals produce up to 25 times more melatonin in their milk when it’s no longer day time. Also, a controversial sculpture in Israel depicts a life-like Ariel Sharon in his hospital bed, in a coma. Elsewhere, we look at Chile’s attempts to capitalise on the miners’ rescue.


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Articles in today’s international press review:
Wall Street Journal:  “Now free Chile’s entrepreneurs”
The Independent: “El Presidente urges the City to buy into brand Chile”
The Guardian: “Full of nocturnal goodness, Munich cows work nights to aid insomniacs”
Le Monde: ‘Working overnight is becoming commonplace in France’
The Independent: “Israel divided over sculpture of Sharon in coma”

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