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“The French are a peculiar people”

INTERNATIONAL PAPERS, 20.10.2010: The international papers don’t understand the scope of French protests against retirement reform, it seems. Der Tagessiegel in Germany thinks the French are a “peculiar lot”, given that the retirement age in Germany has already been raised to 67 some time ago. For John Lichfield writing in The Independent, the strikes show Sarkozy’s mission to “change a nation” has failed. These and other stories in today’s international press review.


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Articles in today’s international press review:
The Wall Street Journal (Europe): “Where France goes…” (editorial)
The Independent: “France burns as strike descends into violence”; also John Lichfield: Sarkozy came to power on a mission to change a nation. He has failed
Der Tagesspiegel : « Revolte gegen Sarkozy »
The Guardian: “Amazing scenes at Old Trafford as Ferguson shares his pain”
The Sun: “Murderer prince to claim asylum in UK”
Daily Mail: “Woman who put cat in a wheelie bin is banned from keeping pets for five years and fined just £250”

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