The Debate

Ivory Coast: finally ready for elections? (Part 2)

Ivory Coast - coming out of seven years of civil war, with the ethnic divide still strong, and the country still cut in two by rebels – finds itself in the homestretch of a presidential election that would seal reconciliation in the once giant of Francophone West Africa. Or would it? The world's top cocoa producer is going to the polls before disarmament.

  • Douglas YATES, Professor of Political Science, American University of Paris
  • Elie SMITH, Senior Reporter, Telesud
  • Matt WELLS, Researcher - West Africa, Human Rights Watch
  • Hamadoun TOURE, Spokesperson for ONUCI
  • Marco Chown OVED, France24 correspondent

Program produced by Perrine Desplats and Yi Song.

Click here to watch the 1st part.

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