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Anti-pension protests in France, Pakistani army torture videos and Nationalist Apples in Germany.

This week, our Observers take us to the anti-pension protests in France, where high-school students have begun acting up. Next, Pakistan, where unverified videos of soldiers torturing suspected Taliban prisoners have emerged on the Web. Finally, satirical neo-nazi groups brandish apples in Germany.


Presentation : Julien Pain. Editorial Team : Ségolène Malterre, Sarra Grira, Lorena Galliot, Paul Larrouturou


In France, people have been demonstrating for weeks against the government's pension reform plan. Among the protesters are thousands of high school students. They might be years away from retiring themselves, but they're up in arms anyway, taking their anger into the streets... and onto Facebook.

Observer: Christophe Duman.


In the Swat Valley, the Pakistani army has been battling Taliban fighters since last year. In the last few weeks videos that appear to show soldiers abusing - even killing - Taliban prisoners, have emerged online. It's not clear whether they're authentic. Our Observer, who often visits the region, says he'd be shocked - but not entirely surprised - if they turn out to be real.

Observer: Tahir Imran Mian


In Germany, a group of young men parade in jackboots and black uniforms, with banners showing their beloved symbol - an apple. They're called the "National Apple front", and their goal is to mock and ridicule Neo-Nazi movements which are on the rise in Leipzig.

Observer: Henry Rudolph

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