The World This Week

THE WORLD THIS WEEK - Friday, October the 22nd - part 2

It’s austerity, redefined. The clash over French pensions comes to a head while across the Channel, the UK unveils its biggest belt-tightening since World War II. The size of government definitely an issue on both sides of the Atlantic in the final stretch before the November Second midterm elections. Joining François Picard are Matthew Saltmarsh of the IHT, Paul Taylor of the Reuters news agency, Judah Grunstein of World Politics Review and George Kazolias of French partner station AITV.


Our guests:

  • Matthew SALTMARSH, Reporter, International Herald Tribune
  • Paul TAYLOR, Associate Editor, Reuters
  • Judah GRUNSTEIN, Editor-in-chief, World Politics Review
  • George KAZOLIAS, AITV News Producer, Instructor of Global Communications, American University of Paris

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