The Observers

Indonesian military brutality, Giving a Voice to homeless people on the Web and Marseille's trash strikes

This week, our Observers take us to West Papua, where locals are subjected to the brutal presence of the Indonesian army. Then, in the United States, one man's fight to give homeless people a voice on the Web. Finally, in France, Marseille citizens are sick of overflowing trash containers.


Presentation : Derek Thomson. Editorial Team : Ségolène Malterre, Sarra Grira, Lorena Galliot, Paul Larrouturou


West Papua is the Indonesian part of the island of New Guinea. Separatists there accuse the Indonesian military of brutally oppressing the locals. New videos have recently shown up online that show such repression... the Indonesian government admits the videos are authentic; but says the villagers were armed and dangerous.
Observer : Benny Wenda, a Papuan exile in London.

Our next Observer knows what it's like to live on the streets. He's been homeless twice - first years ago, then again in 2008 when he lost his marketing job - and his home - in the economic crisis. Now he's back on his feet again, giving voice to the people who are still living rough.
Observer : Mark Horvath in Los Angeles.
Finally the strikes here in France… specifically Marseille. Where the garbage workers were on strike for more than two weeks.
Observer : Timothée Barray.


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