Presidential hopeful boycotts vote count over alleged fraud

Cellou Dalein Diallo, a presidential hopeful in Guinea's November 7 run-off, announced Sunday that his party would boycott participating in the vote tallying process over alleged election fraud.


REUTERS - The party of Guinean presidential hopeful Cellou Dalein Diallo said on Sunday that it had suspended participation in the vote-tallying process, a week after the second round of the election.

International observers have said the Nov. 7 poll, meant to end nearly two years of military rule in the West African bauxite exporter, appeared free and fair, but there are fears of violence after the final result is announced.
"We have suspended our participation in the process of counting the votes," Abdoulaye Diallo, a senior official in Diallo's UFDG party, told journalists in Conakry.
Diallo said the decision had been taken after the party found evidence of fraud in at least three of Guinea's 56 voting districts.
Ex-Prime Minister Diallo has a small lead over his rival, Alpha Conde, in partial results released so far, but results from several Conde strongholds have yet to be published.
A peaceful first round in June was followed by weeks of rows over results and over the leadership of the election commission. There were street clashes between Diallo's mainly Peul supporters and Conde's predominantly Malinke backers.
Guinea has never had a president from the Peul community, although it is the country's largest ethnic group.
Several dozen Diallo supporters gathered outside his party headquarters on Sunday, accusing junta leader General Sekouba Konate of trying to keep them out of power by putting pressure on the election commission to favour Conde.
The poll body is now headed by a Malian who has denied any favouritism.
Election security forces in riot gear were seen deploying in the capital on Sunday afternoon.


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